Friday, September 11, 2009

Careers Slideshow: Facebook Activities Haunting Job Seekers

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Here we are again (and again).  The use of Social Media is certainly a wonderful element and has so many advantages.  The fact that it is so easy to use, does not require much technical savvy and FREE makes it all so attractive to participate.  If you are a teenager, without any need for current or future employment or concern for family reputation or Brand, then Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter present no special care, caution or concern to you and you have no need to be concerned. (please continue your Tweets now)


However, if you have current employment (or relationship) aspirations or if you can see the long view, you need to be mindful that your cute posting today may not seem so appropriate when you are applying for a job.  This could be analogous to getting a Tattoo or a Riske Piercing when you are young and full of spirit and lacking your target level of maturity <sorry, I had to say that as I am raising teenagers >.  I have posted on this topic before (see link below):

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Keep in mind that much of the content on the internet can linger for years despite your best efforts.  Many employers now regularly scan Social Media sites as an additional and sometimes singular source of reviewing a prospective employees’ background.  You should consider CAREFULLY what you post, both in terms of text, photos and videos.  At the very least, read up on Facebook’s PRIVACY SETTINGS and configure them in alignment with your current and FUTURE needs.  Exert some Social Responsibility on Social Media.Keyboard Photo

Cogita ante salis -

(Think before you leap)


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