Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Instant messaging speeds up data theft danger

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It should be no surprise to anyone that malicious Hackers will continue to push the envelope and utilize any facility that will serve their needs.  Instant Messaging is such a prevalent platform on everyone’s desktop, that it an ideal tool to become exploited.  And exploited it can be.  In this instance and referenced in the attached article, Jabber was used to receive and transfer personal banking credentials.  That is not to say that Jabber is any more or less vulnerable than the other popular Instant Messaging platforms.

Computer users needs to be vigilant and by this I mean that all security patches, anti-virus and spyware protection needs to be current and active.  Daily updates and regular desktop scans are highly advisable. 

Keep one thing in mind, the next major exploit or attack will already have happened by the time it is reported in the news. :-(


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