Monday, October 19, 2009

Picking Sides: Facebook and Twitter Founders Join Net Neutrality Wars


The Battle Lines for Network Neutrality are starting to form.  No sooner did we post yesterday Refer to Post, yesterday on TwitterBlog.BarryRubin.Net about the “Internet Delivery (ISP Group)” companies crying foul about the “over-reach” of the FCC that is stifling their innovation, than images[1]the “Internet Content / Destination” Companies speak up.   


Fed up with a barrage of letters that arrived at the FCC last week from net-neutrality opponents (or lawmakers urging a Diggcautious approach toward the new rules), a coalition of Internet companies are urging the FCC chairman to hold steady.

“We believe a process that results in common sense baseline rules is critical to ensuring that the Internet remains a key engine of economic growth, innovation and global competitiveness,” a group of 24 CEOs and Internet company founders wrote in a letter to be delivered to the FCC Monday in support of the proposed net-neutrality rules.


We now have some clearly defined lines drawn between both sides:

Opponents of Network Neutrality include Phone and Cable Companies because they are part of the “Internet Delivery” Model.  Cisco has sided with these companies, understandably because they are a key supplier in the “Internet-Delivery” supply chain.

Proponents of Network Neutrality include companies that are destinations on the internet.  Their Model is “Internet Destination / Content / Applications”

The pro-net-neutrality coalition of companies formally adds a few new members with the letter, including Twitter and Facebook, which haven’t heavily engaged in policy debates before.

What we need at this point are some Consumer-Advocacy groups to weigh in on this topic so that the FCC can draw some guidance into the debate.  The Battle is on!

Melius tarde, quam nunquam

(Better late than never)


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