Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Passport to hell: why thin client desktops must die

Thin Clients v PC Desktops, I can’t agree with the author.  This discussion is about processing power at the desktop versus commoditized application enablement.

Recent "Ars Technica Article"

“I understand the allure of remote desktop technology. But I have never understood why someone who could just as easily put a real PC in front of a user would opt instead to give them a slow, creaky, laggy shadow of one with a cheap keyboard and maybe a USB peripheral.”

I am all for the powering / empowering of end users with the best possible PC technology.  However, in many business models / processes, many HP Thin Client end users really don’t need so much computing horsepower.  Typical examples of email applications, word processing, spreadsheets and many corporate “fixed” applications fall into this zone of low-compute requirements.

IT and Business Leaders need to assess their requirements and draw a balance based upon what is needed by their end user constituents.  For example, in some recent Call Center experience, for compliance and “cookie cutter” deployments, Thin Clients offer the perfect unbreakable, low maintenance, low cost and highly scalable solution.   Call Center Agents do not need high powered computing devices.  Much can be said for checking email, web browsing, etc.

I am not pooh – poohing computing power at the desktop, I personally love it, however I am not playing multiplayer gamers or running AutoCad.


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