Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to keep Big Brother from tracking cell phone

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It is clear that Network Providers have a greater ability today than ever before, to collect and track cell phone traffic and movements.  It is also clear that government agencies would like access to this data.  This certainly raises Privacy issues as well as legitimate issues in support of law enforcement.  The fact that the data is more readily available, doesn’t change the basic constitutional protections and processes that have been well established.  Checks and balances, using the courts, are still a viable way to govern access to the information that the Network Providers collect.  Nonetheless, the specter of Big Brother does come to mind.  Not to date myself, but I felt the same way when Bank ATMs (Marine Midland was one of the First) first appeared and it was clear that my movements could be documented.  Is that any different from your EZ-Pass statement (North East Toll system)?


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