Friday, August 21, 2009

U.S. pledges $1.2 billion for digital health networks

This is great news for Healthcare Technology, specifically Electronic Medical Records (EMR, EHR).  I have opined about this previously, specifically about the tremendous value that it brings.  Transportable Digital records of personal heath histories, more efficient processing of healthcare providers (making sure you don’t get an RX in the hospital that you are allergic to ) and never having to fill out yet another “generic” insurance form at a doctor’s office again.

While these are generally patient-facing benefits, think about the huge benefits ( hopefully passed on to consumers) and greater efficiencies that Healthcare Service Providers across the whole spectrum will gain.  It is very simple to illustrate.  EMR/EHR (the Federal Government like to call it EHR, for Electronic Health Record), would eliminate the vast armies of people that handle, process and mis-handle paperwork.  Think about all of the data, classification, insurance coding, transmission thereof now to be in a Digital medium?  It can easily be set up in a workflow among “coordinating Healthcare Service Providers” (that is somewhat of an oxymoron, much like Army Intelligence ;-) ).  That would yield huge efficiencies and take out costs associated with paper handling and manual processing.

All things considered, the Federal Government is Stimulating the industry to accelerate this migration to EMR/EHR.  It will not only yield the obvious aforementioned efficiencies, but the overall spend and associated jobs are a true benefit of this Stimulus.




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