Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dahh! Good Reasons to Lock Down Your Wireless Network

Good Reasons to Lock Down Your Wireless Network

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Aside from some of the “obvious” Security issues with Wireless / WiFi Internet (Do I need to summarize it?  Click on the above link to review the obvious), one may want to ask themselves about other more practical implications of not securing your home/business wireless network.

Consider simply the cost of the service.  It is clearly not free nor is it free to maintain.

  • Why would you want your neighbors (I love my neighbors, but let them pay for their own access) to get a free ride on access to the internet, assuming that they are only hijacking your internet access…  Hmmm
  • Additionally, you may want to consider a performance angle.  How many people may download videos or music on your internet access before it annoys the heck out of you?

Be a good neighbor…

“If you see your neighbor's Wi-Fi in an unsecure state (e.g., open access) let them know. Don't assume the owner configured the device, perhaps it was a more technically savvy neighborhood high school student or a for hire network installer -- who in both cases failed to put a WPA2 password in place.”

You can easily check for Secured Networks by looking for a Padlock next to the name of the Wireless Network.

Certainly you need to make sure that your own Network is secured, but be a good neighbor, and let your “Networking Neighbors” know if their network is not secured.

Magnus frater spectat te

(Big Brother is watching you)


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