Saturday, March 12, 2011

It’s ok NOW for Comcast: Comcast, NBC deal opens door for online video

Reversal of Fortunes…

Yahoo News Article - Comcast, NBC deal opens door for online video


It seems that Comcast has had a change of heart with respect to 3rd party video and rich-content services as they are now, a player in the game.

“To win government approval to take over NBC Universal last month, cable giant Comcast Corp. agreed to let online rivals license NBC programming, including hit shows such as "30 Rock" and "The Office." Comcast also agreed not to block its 17 million broadband subscribers from watching video online through Netflix, Apple's iTunes and other rivals yet to come.”

In a Quid Pro Qou maneuver, Comcast has unwound their prior rigid position on 3rd party blocking online services.

“Government officials wanted to ensure that Comcast could not crush competition through its control over both a major media empire and the pipes that deliver cable and Internet services to millions of American homes.”

This in particular, relates to Comcast’s prior resistance to the principle of Network Neutrality.  Comcast has been cited numerous times for their position against Network Neutrality and an open Internet.  Comcast’s prior position was based on a profit-driven drive to discourage competition in the IP video space so as to present Comcast’s IP video offerings to be more attractive to subscribers in a seemingly “competitive” playing field.  Unfortunately, Comcast tipped the scales in their favor by blocking competitive content services in place of their own, subscription-based services.

Now that Comcast has a larger stake in the game, it is now in their best interest to play towards an open internet, one that is more friendly towards Network Neutrality.


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