Sunday, August 16, 2009

Security: A Solution Looking For A Problem?

Virtualization Security: A Solution Looking For A Problem?

The Price of Virtualization?

Is it really necessary to give any level of security, confidence or protection when we exploit the benefits of Virtualization and Shared Services?  Clearly the supporting technology that enables the “partitioning” of OS images and data, create “questions” about the integrity of the desired security.  It should not be necessary to give up any level of security related to Data or application integrity. 

As the rush to market (by Vendors) on virtualization technologies (for end-user tremendous benefits), it is being argued now that security has lagged behind.  Considering how many ways a Shared-Services Model can be built, with all the choices of Virtualization and Cloud products, corporate users need to spend a lot of time and Due-Diligence determining how a specific virtualization deployment will affect their infrastructure, or not.  Caveat Emptor


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